Lighting tools – they’re a core element of every toolbox. They have a straightforward and simple purpose. Yet, when you’re in a situation that requires a lighting tool, you want to make sure you have the right one. Peli understands the critical importance of this tool. We provide a wide range of Advanced Lighting Systems to support professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday do-it-yourself hobbyists. Regardless of the purpose, our lighting tools and remote area lighting systems enable you to accomplish your tasks in a safer and more efficient manner. 
With this perspective, Peli relentlessly pursues innovation for new lighting tool products and manufacturing processes. We have adopted the ANSI FL-1 lights standards (performance symbols and standards that effectively communicate a lighting tool’s features and benefits) and continue to increase the number of industry leading safety approvals for specific models. 
Our new Lighting catalogue features multiple technology advances.  These include LED performance upgrades, new switch features, upgraded safety approvals and enhanced packaging. You’ll see that the contents within dovetail our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Many of our lights use LED’s and provide several benefits that help us protect our planet. LED’s are longer lasting, promote extended battery life and are much brighter than incandescent bulbs.
From basic models to the high-performance 9410 LED Lantern (our brightest handheld torch to date) and the 9470 Remote Area Lighting System (which delivers 12,000 lumens), we are ready to provide world-class support for our dealers and end users across the globe. And, all of this comes with Peli’s industry-leading guarantee of excellence.
So look through our new catalogue and discover the ideal lighting tools for your specific needs.